Will Anyone Watch the NFL This Year?

So last year, many people, including myself didn’t watch football.  I didn’t watch for a few reasons:

  1. My Redskins are terrible.  I don’t root against them.  I just needed some time to stop paying attention.  This team is in such disarray management, players, coaches.  It’s not worth it.  My analogy is that if this team was a restaurant where you kept getting bad service, the food was terrible, and was always messy we would stop going.  So why do fans continue to cheer for this team?  No other sport gets this kind of treatment.  Some of them I can’t figure out what team they are watching when I hear things on the radio like “No, man, look, if the Redskins win their next 3 they are back at .500!”  Ok, so what did you see in their 1-4 start that leads you to believe they can win 3 in a row?  I am a fan, just not a fanatic.  I watch with a logical eye and have no problem critiquing when necessary.  Oh this goes for my Nationals, too!  I love them, but I wont panic or get pissed that the bullpen gave up 2 runs in the 9th and the Nats win 5-4.  I always offer the same response – “they did win the game, right?”
  2. I’m tired of football taking up all of my time.  Do you have any idea how many awesome things there are to do outside on a lovely fall September day? I can’t waste it inside anymore.  Not to mention, it is so overdone all week on sports talk radio and TV.  How about giving as much time to the Nats throwing a no-hitter as you do some injury to the left tackle?  Not to mention 3 hour pre-game shows, post game shows, it is all way too much.
  3. The NFL itself.  Let’s face it, the character of NFL players is not good after all that as happened with physical assaults and the like in the last few years.  Not to mention, the No Fun League itself.  Lack of celebrations.  Just stupid!  Let teams celebrate!  These are all grown men who beat each other up for a living!  If they cant handle a guy slam dunking a football after a TD — grow the hell up!  And while we are at it, can we talk about the new stupid OT rule?  Once again, what is this kindergarten?  Everyone needs a chance?  Bullshit.  They had the easiest fix in the world to fix it and they blew it.  You know how you fix it?  Take away the sudden death aspect of it.  D’uh.  15 full minutes (or 10, whatever).  Play another full quarter and whatever happens happens.
  4. That leads us to the other obvious reason I am pissed off —

Colin Kapernick.

Every American should be pissed off at this rich not – so – good athlete trying to lead the way for oppressed people.  He is not helping.  What’s worse is grown up adults (regular people and commentators)  saying they are ok with it.  There is nothing to be ok with here.  There are thousands of ways to help besides his hypocrisy.

And no, he is not that good.  We can see that from the 49ers record the last couple years.   The guy had a few good games to get the starting job from an injured QB that’s it.

So that leads me to my question –

People like me didn’t watch last year because of him and will more than likely continue to not watch because of these faux protests.  But NOW other people are threatening to boycott because he ISNT signed!

So then who is left to watch football?






I really hate to keep using the phrase “but you didn’t do this when Obama was president,”  But I can’t help it.

The Libs have been so incensed about what Trump said after the events in VA, but I cant help but wonder where all this outrage was when Obama rushed out to play golf after a quick comment about an American beheaded by ISIS?  Where was it after Ft. Hood when Obama felt the need to start out that speech by giving a ‘shout out’  to a buddy of his?  Why are all of you liberals so upset by Trump’s word choice, yet for the last 8 years didn’t give a damn that Obama’s administration refused to call any attack a terrorist attack?

I’m serious, do any of you even understand your own lack of self-awareness or are you just so brainwashed that it doesn’t matter?

Do you even understand what you’re upset about in what happened in Charlottesville?  Are you upset that people didn’t want a statue removed?  Or do you think that they deserved to be attacked?  Can you even see how many more riots that your side causes?  That’s all that you know how to do. It’s disgusting.  Did that woman deserve to die?  Are you proud of what this guy did because “that will show us white people and us conservatives?”  do you even know what is the right side to be on?


The Political Life

So I have decided to start this blog just to vent and share things going on in my life.  Facebook tends to be a bit too open, sometimes, and I really do want to write more.  I have a couple books in my mind that I want to write, so hopefully if I can keep my juices flowing on my blogs, then I will be motivated to write a bit more frequently.

Like everyone else, I have things going on in my world.   I hate when people say “I hate drama.”  I feel like people who have no drama, not only have the most in their life, but at the same time may also be afraid to live.  My main purpose of this blog will be to share not just things going on in my life, but my opinions and views on topics in life.

And I think the first thing that I need to do is talk politics.

Yeah, sorry.

Yes, I voted for Trump.  I was as stunned as anyone that he actually won.  I am thankful every day that HRC didn’t win.

But what really got me were the liberals and how sad they were.  It was very sad to me to see.  Oh yeah, the rioting, but also all this other crap like college students needing coloring books.  It wasn’t just sad, it was embarrassing.

For 8 years I was told to get over it, Obama won, and now they can’t. They still cant see their own lack of self awareness.

But what has really hurt me since November has been all my ‘friends.’  Once again, for the previous 8 years I had to stand by while they continued not just their almost sexual fantasies about Barack Obama, but their insults to conservatives.  That was ok.  They all knew I leaned right.  It didn’t bother them.

But what did bother them was my posting on Facebook that I was happy with the outcome and HRC losing.

In other words, I was not allowed to be happy.

I can’t tell you how many people no longer talk to me.  I have been unfriended and ignored.  I truly don’t know what changed.  As I said, maybe 95% knew my political views.  I still feel like if they hate me that much they should all just unfriend me.  That way I know.  I would love to post that on Facebook, but I wont. But I will say it here to my friends whom I have travelled with and worked out with – I love you all.  We were friends.  Why are you so upset with me when you knew my views? Why were you so surprised?  If you are still that upset with me, since you basically have ignored all my messages, please unfriend me like a few have done. That way I know it is really over.



I need to rant about cuddling.

While I am in a relationship, I sometimes find just reading the personal ads entertaining. The fake ones, the real ones, the hook up ones, the lonely ones.

I see so many for people just wanting to cuddle or these cuddle parties where (I think) people just kind of pair off and cuddle together .


I can’t think of anything more pathetic or disgusting.

Oh, please spare me the whole “but touch is necessary and sometimes it’s just nice to feel that with another person” spiel.

It’s pathetic and disgusting.

In fact, I would go so far to say that a 1-night stand or sex on the first date is 1000x better than going to a cuddle party where you are going to hold a total stranger for a few minutes.

The same people who don’t like 1 night stands or 1st date sex should be the same ones saying how cuddling is an intimate thing.

How in the world would you feel comfortable holding someone in such an intimate way when you don’t know them?  I would be incredibly uncomfortable!

No one gets loneliness better than I do (trust me), but being lonely doesn’t mean not having values or a sense of pride.  That feeling you want from being with someone will not arrive because you are cuddling a total stranger.

That feeling comes from having a positive sense of self.



The 3 types of Starbucks

You’re probably thinking, huh?

I love my Starbucks time.  A cup of Joe, I sit and read my book or the paper, get some work done, or do Sudoku.  It’s my Zen time.

But not all Starbucks are created equal.  I have devised 3 categories:

Good Starbucks:  This is the one you go to where they know your name, know your drink and the customer service is always good.  They are friendly.  They make your drinks in a relatively quick manner.  You may even know the regulars and they become friends for a quick hello as you get your drink.  Oh yeah, and they have the comfy chairs which are oh so nice to sit in while you are hanging out there.

Convenient Starbucks:  This is the Starbucks that is close to you or on your way to work.  The service and people are still good, but maybe they don’t have the comfy chairs and have more tables instead for people to work on instead of relax.  It may even be the purpose of that Starbucks because it is smaller so you just go, get your order and leave.

Crappy Starbucks:  This is obvious and I have a couple near me.  They never get your order right.  When I say never I mean not just once or twice, but several times, or every time you go.  The baristas may also not be the friendliest.  A Starbucks may also be considered crappy if the seating isn’t great. but it really is more about the service.

I have one Good one near me, one convenient.  The rest are kind of crappy.  I have a crappy one near work, so it becomes convenient.





Gov’t Shutdown

So when I see libs bragging that they have enough votes to shutdown the gov’t the blame can only be placed on them, I don’t care who is president. By no means are the republicans perfect, but this is on the libs who obviously care more about non-citizens than they do American citizens.  What does that say about them?  Hopefully libs can take a step back and see that and not just blame the president who wants to keep us safe, with even things that liberals at one point agreed with (i.e a wall!)

Crumbs, Libs, and the economy

Hey Libs, I have a question for you?

What the fuck do you want?

Why can’t you be happy that so many companies are giving out bonuses and doing more because of the tax cut of President Trump?

When Pelosi said they were just crumbs, all I could think about is ‘What the hell?!”

Damn, she is such a bitch.

And not one lib has the guts to stand up, take a step back and say “cmon.”  Or at least, “well maybe they are helping a little bit.”

Why do you think that $15 for fast food workers is ok and working (which it is neither), but you can’t be at least impressed with what has happened after the tax cut?

So what the fuck do you want?



Book #1, President #22 & 24 Grover Cleveland

So about 8 or 9 years ago, I decided I wanted to read a book about Ben Franklin.  I live in MD so I should be a Civil War buff, but I’m more a Revolutionary War guy and Ben Franklin is clearly one of the most amazing men in American History.  I think this was a challenge to myself.  I don’t know, maybe it felt a bit dorky, maybe I was overwhelmed with how big the books were and how long they would take me to read.  But I did it.  After that, I wanted to read about Alexander Hamilton.  Why?  I knew he had created the deficit and wanted to figure out why.  So I read Hamilton.  Yes, the book the show is based on. I just want to point out that  I was WAY ahead of the curve on this reading way before the show was around.  I also thought it was cool that Hamilton had some Jewish ties.

Then after that something happened.  Well a couple things.  This was at the end of the Bush Administration when people were having the best and worst presidents of all time.  Well I have common sense and I know that it a really big title, either of them.  So I wanted to see for myself.  I wanted to decide.  I think I had also randomly seen a book about Franklin Pierce. I knew he has never been rated highly.  I read it.  Then it dawned on me.

I should start from the beginning.

So I took out a book about George Washington.  I decided I was going to start my own little project and read about ALL the presidents.

In order.

Now all 45 of them!

These books aren’t easy.  They can be interesting, but the politics does get a bit difficult to read.

I don’t read them back to back because as I said in my previous post, my head would explode, so I will read one, the read a few other things, then come back to it.  Plus I do try to use the library as much as I can instead of buying.  For example, a new book on John Quincy Adams had just been released a few years ago, and I waited for a bit until I saw it in the library.  I do have to buy them though these are not all easy to find.  I guess not much of a demand to read about Chester A Arthur!  So I buy on Amazon, then just donate them back to the library.  Yes, I know this sort of goes against what I said in my last post, but it needs to be done.

I have one more rule – I read about their full lives.  I want the books to start at their birth and end at their death. In other words, books like Team of Rivals don’t count (but I want to read) because it is just one aspect of their presidency.

So many presidents we don’t know or call average or bad because quite frankly they simply had no major issues in their term.

So now you all are catching up as I am up to President #22 & 24 Grover Cleveland.  I read the Forgotten Conservative by John Pafford.  Turns out he is one who is always rated highly.  He was a man who was smart and stuck by his convictions.  He was a democrat with more conservative values on issues like the economy.  He won the popular vote in 3 straight elections, but obviously, the middle won he did not win the electoral, Benjamin Harrison did.  I like smart people who make the effort and stand by their ideals.  It is also interesting to me in reading so many of these books how they dealt with the same issues back then.  He did have to deal with a strike in his second term, and some international issues, but he handled them fairly well.  Like I said, I guy who stuck by what he believes.

Books and reading

I love to read.  I read everything.  Fiction, biographies, marketing for work.  Other non-fiction.  I tend to alternate so my brain doesn’t blow up.  I have always understood the notion of keeping track of what you read, but at the same time, it just sounds weird to me.  There is no award for reading 12 books a year and not 5.

But I do think reading is one of the 3 most important things we can do to lead a good life (travel and spending time outside are the other 2.  That will be a blog post soon.).

I think like many people I didn’t read when I was younger.  It was boring.  Not to mention, I never felt like I had time to just read for pleasure.  I had to read for school.  I was happier being outside playing basketball or anything else. But as I got older, I found comfort in it.  Maybe it was my introverted nature and it kept me safe and helped me forget my anxiety and anger and depression, but I like to think I just grew up.

I tend to read maybe a book a month.  I would like to read more, but trying to build my business, I don’t read as often as I would like to, nor as long as I would like to when I do.  Usually my Starbucks time is my reading time.  I may read a chapter or just a few pages.  depends on my mind and how I feel.

While I still learn how to use this blog and write what I want and feel, I felt like maybe I would bring back my book list and see how many I read this year.  By the way, I may do this with movies as well.  I have no goal in mind for a number, just for fun.  I always have a list of books to look for when I go to the library.  I still love the library!  So underrated.  In my opinion, there is rarely a reason to buy a book, unless it is for professional reasons. Oh, I love B & N, too.  There are books I will buy, like a Pearls Before Swine Treasury, but I will never go out and buy, say the new Grisham or Stephanie Plum Novel (yeah, I said it and I’m a guy!) because what the hell do you do with it when you’re done?  Libraries are so important. Not only do you read a book and give it back, but computers, programs, community meetings, they are a wonderful place!

So let’s call this the intro piece to my world of books.  In my next post, I will introduce and share with you a reading project I have been doing for the last 8 or 9 years or so and begin my list.

Antenna TV

I used to be an avid TV watcher.

When I say avid, I mean at one point  in the 90s I had a slogan of “6 networks, 7 nights.”  There was always something that I was recording.  I worked nights at the time so I would watch whatever shows I had recorded the previous evening while I ate lunch before I went to work.  I was pissed when I went to work one early morning and my co-worker , our sports anchor yelled as he walked down the stairs “Did everyone see Bobby Simone die last night?”  Not like I didn’t know it was coming, but still…(BTW, one of the WORST deaths in TV history in my opinion.  Completely changed a cop show into a hospital show.  I know he wanted to leave, but I would still claim having him die in a shoot out or gunfire would have been more fun than just having him get sick).

But things have changed I have grown a little. Not only have I grown in my routine, but I have grown to see just how bad some of these shows have gotten on network TV.  I don’t watch as much.  Part of the problem is the liberal POV of some of these shows. I don’t need that.  I don’t need Big Bang Theory using the phrase ‘teachable moment.’  I don’t need Arrow discussing gun control. That turned off.  Not to mention the direction of the show got weird.  Same as Flash.  Those were 2 of my last remaining shows. But really, last season if Barry really wanted to save Iris, travel through the timeline once more and go back to YOUR earth!  Break the rule one more time. So I’m done with those.  I did like Gotham, too, but with Fox being stupid and giving it this hiatus  for 5 months a viewer can’t stay in the momentum of watching.

I will also complain about the lack of  creativity in Hollywood of bringing shows back.  I can’t.  Just can’t.

But I do love some reruns which brings me to Antenna TV.  A really fun channel! I do wish they would be a bit more 70s.  I loved the Newhart marathon a couple weeks ago. Some reruns work, others don’t ( I WILL NEVER watch Brady bunch again!).

But I’ve been enjoying welcome back, Kotter, head of the class and silver spoons again.

I think about a few things when I re-watch these shows.

  • 1) how many episodes I actually remember! I always think about the deer shooting episode of Silver Spoons,  but completely forgot the Mr. T one!
  • 2) the cheesiness.   Every one of these episodes had one of those important yet silly morals
  • 3) but that’s part of the fun!

Just easy ways to relax when I need to unwind and go back a few years to when TV was good.